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Educate, Liberate & Empower


We are a registered non-profit organization based in Tempe, AZ. We exist to liberate and empower 115 million farmers in Pakistan.

Half of Pakistan's laborers comprise of farmers. 64% of Pakistanis live in the rural areas & they are primarily engaged in farming & livestock. However, they are the most neglected of all Pakistanis living on $2 a day struggling for the basic amenities of life. They contribute to a quarter of the country's GDP in spite of suffering from extreme hardships & human rights violations. FKFP is a registered non-government organization aiming to deliver justice & freedom to 64% of Pakistanis living as farmers in the rural setting. Our current projects are:

  1. Zarai Hub Institute (ZHI)
  2. Single mothers' initiative-livestock empowerment (SMILE)
  3. Zarai Legal Wing (ZLW)
  4. We are one (VR1)


To liberate the Kissans from a life of slavery by putting an end to the ancient system of feudalism. To empower the Kissans to work for themselves by ensuring the provision of appropriate resources.


I see the future Kissan of Pakistan as an educated & strong entrepreneur making a pivotal part of Pakistan's economy. The vision is to get them freedom from feudalism & set up an infrastructure that suits their needs by providing resources in the form of Zarai Hub institution.